Baylor's Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey - COACHE

February 10, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

One of Baylor’s highest priorities is the satisfaction and success of its faculty. To reach that goal, we must continuously strive to understand areas of faculty success and faculty concern and work together to find solutions, processes and procedures that support improvement. To assist in this process, Provost Nancy Brickhouse established a Task Force on Faculty Job Satisfaction and through that Task Force launched the COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey.

A few weeks ago, you received an individualized link to the COACHE Survey, a tool designed and administered nationally by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. A few facts about the survey:

  • The COACHE survey was designed entirely by Harvard and has been tested over time as a way to determine current faculty job satisfaction at partner institutions and provide comparisons to faculty at peer institutions. This ability to compare findings across higher education required that Baylor deploy the survey exactly as published – including demographic questions that Baylor would not typically ask and may not align with our institutional stance on many issues. You need not answer any question that concerns you.
  • The survey is completely confidential and is handled through the COACHE project team at Harvard. Your privacy will be maintained in all published and written data, and your identity will be carefully protected in all information, including the summary analysis, that COACHE will share with our campus.
  • Because of our efforts to ensure confidentiality, Baylor has no visibility into who has and has not completed the survey and cannot provide technical support for those experiencing problems with the survey. If you are having difficulty connecting to the survey using the link provided to you via email from COACHE, first try the steps outlined on the FAQ web page. If you continue to have problems with the link or you have lost the link to your survey, please contact Harvard’s COACHE administration team at

As leaders of the Task Force engaged to implement and evaluate results from the national COACHE survey, we want to assure you that the deans and academic leadership of the University are fully committed to utilizing the results of this survey, in concert with faculty members, to improve areas identified as concerns of our faculty. Your responses are especially important to us as we strive to attract and retain outstanding scholars and teachers, increase the satisfaction of all faculty, and make Baylor University a great place to work.

If you have already completed the survey, thank you. If you have not completed the survey, please do so as soon as possible. The survey is designed to be completed within about 25 minutes. Data from the survey will only be meaningful if we have broad participation from across the University. If you have any questions about Baylor’s survey process, please contact Lenore Wright at or Jason MacGregor at For technical questions, contact the COACHE team at


Lenore Wright, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Task Force on Faculty Job Satisfaction
Jason MacGregor, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Task Force on Faculty Job Satisfaction